First Pres Kids, Sunday School News

September 25th will be in-person.

We are in person on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month and on zoom the other Sundays. In-Person classes are held in the Guild Room at the Parish House. 

Debbie Tryanowski

Christian Ed Assistant

TRUST God, no matter what.

In Sunday School, we opened our theme of TRUST with a challenge. The children were blindfolded and instructed to allow their partner to guide them through an obstacle course. They needed trust to do this! Next, we heard a Bible story about a man named Isaac who had a lot of trust. His trust was in God. When people began fighting over wells that were rightfully his, he walked away and trusted that God would have his back. The children were then asked if they would volunteer to stand under a cup of water while it was being turned upside down. They were informed that the water would be held in by a single piece of paper. Would they trust this? We had some eager volunteers and they did indeed stay dry! We learned that sometimes we are faced with situations we don't understand or people we don't trust but (like Isaac) we can ALWAYS trust God! If we turn to Him, He gives us the wisdom and patience to make the right decisions. The Bible is a perfect place to turn to for this wisdom. 

TRUST, God has a plan!

In Sunday School, we opened this week's virtual class with a silly "Big Plans" Mad Libs. This led us to a discussion of plans we have for our future and how some plans don't go as expected. Our Bible story reminds us that God's plan is a plan that we can always trust. It may look different than the plans we have for ourselves but it's bigger and better than we could ever imagine. The children were shown the following materials: 1 craft stick, 1 pipe cleaner, 2 clothespins, and 1 wooden dowel. They were challenged to make the craft stick balance on the wooden dowel. It seemed pretty impossible when the materials were just laid out in front of them but that changed once they realized there was actually a plan to make it happen! We might not always make sense of what is laid out in front of us in life but it's super important to remember that behind it all, God has a plan - a good plan that we can trust.