November - First Pres Kids

We had a memorable time as we learned about courage this month. Check it out!

COURAGE, You can do what you should even when others 

In Sunday School, we began our theme of COURAGE by talking about and creating a list of our fears. Next, we were challenged with a "Face Your Fears" Box. We discovered how powerful fear could be (if we give it power!). In this case, the reality of what was in the box was nothing compared to our fear of what might be. We looked at an object lesson. Dish soap (representing fear) was added to a jar of water (representing us). We all have fear. It's a natural part of human life. When we shake up the jar ( try to fight fear on our own), it mostly made things worse. The fear didn't just magically disappear. In fact, it made a whole lot of bubbles! When we kept the jar still and added red water (representing God's love), the soap bubbles were washed away - fear disappeared. Lastly, we designed our own superheroes as we talked about being brave enough to stand up for what's right just as Joshua and Caleb did in our Bible story. We can be real superheroes in the world and do great things if we don't let fear get in our way!