July - First Pres Kids

We’re continuing to learn about what it means to “make waves” to change the world around us this month.

Check it out!

Making Waves, Show God's goodness to others

In virtual Sunday School, we talked about the importance of light in the world and how it helps us to see clearly. We learned that we have the power to shine a different kind of light into the world - the light of God's goodness and when we shine that light, it helps others to see God and truth.  To shine that light, we need to plug into a direct source of power also. Our direct source is God! We can choose to make positive waves in the world by showing God's goodness to others!

Making Waves, Be faithful so others can count on you!

In Sunday School, we opened class with a challenge. The children were asked to work together to move a ball across the room without using their hands and they were successful! Although it's just a small example, it shows us the importance of being someone others can count on. We learned of the amazing, faithful friendship of David and Jonathan. They were there for each other no matter what. We spent time making a craft - a beach wave placemat. We learned to weave  paper pieces together to form a wave. This placemat is a great reminder for us to work together. When we work together faithfully (as the papers do), we make positive waves of goodness in the world.