March - First Pres Kids

We’re learning about cooperation and how everyone has a part to play this month.

Check it out!

COOPERATION, God wants us to work together!

In virtual Sunday School, we opened our theme of COOPERATION by noticing how instruments work together in a band to create beautiful music. We played an instrument guessing game and did pretty well! We looked at and listened to an interesting instrument called the Kalimba and noticed how the individual sounds also work together to create a beautiful song. Then we heard how God had a bunch of people work together to build the Tabernacle. From this story, we learned that God puts us together to accomplish big things. He combines our gifts and skills to work through us in amazing ways.

COOPERATION, Work together to help others succeed

We tried a few challenges in virtual Sunday School - Who can stand on one foot the longest? Who can hold their arms in the air for one minute? Later we learned that Moses held up his staff in the air a lot longer than 1 minute - sunrise to sunset! He was able to do it because of the help he got from Hur and Aaron. After our Bible story, we took on another challenge - working together to come up with a way to pick up a glass with a balloon without touching the glass. Together, we figured it out! This challenge was also a reminder to lift each other up. It's not about looking to get credit for what we do. It's about helping others succeed. We ended with a paper people chain craft. It's an easy craft that reminds us to stick together!

COOPERATION, Help someone in need

In virtual Sunday School, we continued our theme of COOPERATION with a really amazing Bible story. In this story, a man who is unable to walk, is healed by Jesus because of the cooperation and dedication of his friends. We looked at a video clip of a popular Christmas game called the Oven Mitt Game. The object of the game is to try to open a gift with oven mitts on your hands. It can be fun but frustrating! This game is a perfect reminder of how we sometimes take for granted things we can do easily that others may not be able to do at all. We learned that God wants us to cooperate with others to help those in need. We then played a Memory matching game where we had to find a solution for each need.

COOPERATION, Make it a habit!

In virtual Sunday School, we closed on our theme of COOPERATION by talking about the importance of teamwork - working together to do great things. We see wonderful examples of teams working together in sports and musical bands but the most important team we could be part of is God's team! We looked at an object lesson. A single paper towel attached to the end of a paper towel tube could easily be punctured when a dowel was put through but that same fragile towel could not be punctured when salt was poured in and the particles worked together as a united group to help protect the paper towel. It's a simple reminder of how powerful we are when we work together. We also talked about practice being so important when it comes to teamwork and just as important when working on God's team. This week's Bible story teaches us to make a habit of working together. Habits are created through practice. For fun, we made a homemade kazoo and explored the different sounds it could create by changing just the paper. Each sound was unique just as each of us bring unique qualities to our community. When we combine these qualities, we do great things together!