February - First Pres Kids

We’re learning about compassion and how we can care for others in our neighborhood this month.

Check it out!

COMPASSION, Care about others

In Sunday School, we opened up our theme of COMPASSION with a discussion of neighborhoods and what they are made up of. We agreed that people are the most important part of a neighborhood and that community helpers have special roles. We learned that we don't need to have a special role to be a good neighbor. We can find many ways to care for others just by being ourselves. Our Bible story taught us that Jesus was the ultimate neighbor. He cared for everyone, even those who didn't believe in Him. We learned of a man who followed Jesus' mission to spread God's love, kindness, and compassion but did it through television. Fred Rogers gained neighbors all around the world with his children's show. We took a look at some special moments on "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.

COMPASSION, Show others they matter

In Sunday School, we talked about our chores and learned that long ago people had a very important chore that most of us don't have today - getting water from a well. We looked at how wells work and then heard the story of the Samaritan woman. While at the well, Jesus changed her life. He showed her that she mattered and that God loves each and every one of us regardless of who we are. We talked about Valentine's Day being a perfect day to not only show family and friends that they're loved but also those who might be overlooked. We made simple watercolor Valentine cards with encouraging messages. 

COMPASSION, Make time to help others

In virtual Sunday School, we closed on our theme of COMPASSION. We learned that Jesus showed compassion by taking time from His busy day to stop and help a blind man. We talked about how we spend our time every day.... schoolwork, homework, chores, sports, hobbies, etc. The story of Jesus and Bartimaeus teaches us that it's okay to spend time doing our work and the things we love, but it's also important to take time to show compassion to others. When we listen to and pay attention to the people around us, we might find someone we can help...someone who might be frustrated, scared, lost, hungry, or sad.