January - First Pres Kids

We learned about self-control and how we can choose to make the wise choice this month! 

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SELF-CONTROL, When you lose control, it can cause trouble!

In virtual Sunday School, we continued our theme of SELF-CONTROL and talked about how even good things (such as water) can be dangerous when out of control. We looked at Solomon's example of a city with large walls keeping its people safe and learned that we have an invisible wall keeping us safe - the wall of self control. It's built up of God's holy spirit - His wisdom and strength. Instead of letting our feelings get the best of us, this protection helps us calm down, pray and listen to truth. 

SELF-CONTROL, Don't be controlled by your anger.

This week in Sunday School, we continued our theme of SELF-CONTROl, learning how important it is to not let anger control us. Sometimes when we get angry, we stuff our feelings inside. Imagine you have a balloon and each bit of air that you add is an emotion such as frustration, resentment, jealousy, fear, or disappointment. What's going to happen if you keep adding to the balloon? Eventually it's going to pop! A lot of times we let anger build up in us like that. In this week's Bible story, David does the right thing by not letting anger control him. There are lots of ways that we can take control of our anger. Pause - take a few breaths, pray, think about what you are grateful for, talk to a wise adult, read truths from the Bible, or distract yourself with exercise or a fun hobby. 

SELF-CONTROL, Think before you speak!

In virtual Sunday School, we talked about the importance of words - how they make up language, provide knowledge, entertain us. Solomon reminds us how powerful words are. We can hurt or heal someone with our words. We looked at an object lesson in which food coloring represented negative words and a jar of clear water represented a person. One tiny drop had the power to impact the water greatly and could not be taken back. This is a great reminder of why it's important to think before we speak. For fun, we played around with some tongue twisting words and tried a color word challenge. 

SELF-CONTROL, Know when to stop!

In virtual Sunday School, we focused on King Solomon's wise words - "If you find honey, eat just enough. If you eat too much of it, you will throw up." King Solomon was reminding us that we CAN have too much of a good thing and that it's important to have self control when it comes to everything in life (not just food!) - money, entertainment, work, exercise, etc. We took a look inside a beehive and learned some interesting facts about bees and honey. We listened to a story called "The Very Greedy Bee". When this little bee overindulged on nectar and pollen, his whole world began to fall apart. We talked about how it's important to have just the right amount of ingredients in a recipe. If you have too much of any ingredient ,the recipe might fail. We followed a recipe for fake snow and it came out perfect!