First Pres Kids, Welcome

Hi First Pres Kids! 

First Presbyterian Church of Rutherford welcomes families with children of all ages. We offer nursery care in our Karen Kaiser Parish House during the 10:00 am Sunday service. We offer a fun and engaging Sunday School program for children in Pre-K through 8th. First Pres Kids meets during the 10:00 am Sunday service, dismissed after the children’s message. We use a theme based curriculum to teach God’s Word in a relevant way. It is our goal to help children grow in wisdom, faith, & friendship. Throughout the year we offer fun activities for the whole family.

First Pres Kids Sunday School NewsOur theme for December is JOY. Our circumstances might no always make us feel happy but we can have joy knowing God is in control. God, the source of our joy, made a way for us to have a relationship with Him through Jesus. Knowing Jesus can give us joy no matter what's happening around us. This month, we'll learn about and celebrate the gift of His birth. Our memory verse is “Always be joyful because you belong to the Lord. I will say it again. Be joyful!.” Philippians 4:4,NIrV 

Sunday School in Review:  Knowledge, Love, Forgiveness, Humility, Determination, Creativity, Uniqueness, Respect, Friendship, Stewardship, Gratitude, Generosity, Commitment, Kindness, Peace, Patience, Honesty, Confidence, Wisdom, Initiative, Contentment, Cooperation, Compassion, Self-Control, Service, Individuality, Hope, Perseverance, Life App, Obedience, Trust, Courage, Honor


With the start of the new school year, we are looking to expand our program with the addition of more age appropriate classes. In order to make this possible, more volunteers are needed. Any time commitment is appreciated. If your are interested in volunteering, please contact me!


Hope to see you soon,

Debbie Tryanowski

Christian Ed Assistant (email me by clicking my name above)

Our Memory Verse for this Month

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Always have HOPE!

First Pres Kids closed on their Sunday School theme of HOPE with a special craft to remind them to always look on the bright side. They also learned that it’s ok to have questions and doubts. They experimented with a simple doubt of the ability to stand on eggs without breaking them and learned that even an adult can do it successfully.

God looks at the heart

First Pres Kids got creative again in Sunday School! While exploring individuality in constructing edible houses, they learned that true value is on the inside. Just as the icing was most important to keeping the house together, who we are on the inside is what really matters.

God made you special!

This March, First Pres Kids explored individuality through homemade modeling dough. When given the same basic ingredients and asked to mold the same object, each child produced something unique and special using their own individual fingerprints.

Souper Bowl of Caring

First Pres Kids dove right into February’s theme of SERVICE by joining in on Souper Bowl of Caring, a national movement of young people fighting hunger and poverty. Souper Bowl of Caring was created in 1990 when a group of young people, inspired by a Super Bowl Sunday prayer, wanted to do something more than celebrate a football game.  Standing at the church doors with soup bowls, First Pres Kids collected donations for the Rutherford Food Pantry. Thank you to all who supported the youth of our church!

Preparing for Christmas

This December, we celebrated the 1st Sunday in Advent with a special Hanging of the Greens service. Families assisted in decorating the church for the Christmas season. Following worship, a light meal was offered and First Pres Kids enjoyed crafting their own Advent wreaths and Christmas ornaments.


Our Gift of Advent Boxes

First Pres Kids wrapped up November’s Sunday School theme of COOPERATION by cooperating on a special Advent project. The children colored various Advent coloring sheets to be used as decorative coverings for Our Gifts of Advent boxes – a unique way to experience Advent. These boxes, available to all during the season of Advent,  will come with a calendar with specific and non-specific item and act suggestions. The boxes will be collected around Christmas Eve and the items will be distributed through organizations such as the Rutherford Food Pantry.

Let’s Celebrate God!

This September in Sunday School, we ended our theme of INITITIATIVE with a fun party activity - a pinata! First Pres Kids learned that they don’t need a special occasion to celebrate God! Most of us remember to celebrate God on the big days like Christmas and Easter but we have reason to celebrate God every day!

Sundae Social

On Sunday, September 16th, First Pres Kids froze summer memories and welcomed in the new school year by creating their own ice cream sundaes. What a treat!

Sunday School News!

First Pres Kids learned about the importance of praying to God before taking initiative. They learned about and decorated their own copy of The Lord’s Prayer.

Wisdom OWLS

As we focus on the topic of WISDOM this August, First Pres Kids made an owl craft to remind them to trust God for true wisdom.

Church Country Picnic

All were invited to our country picnic on the Church lawn this July. First Pres Kids enjoyed great food, fun outdoor games, beautiful weather, and friendship. What an awesome way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Origami Fun

This summer, First Pres Kids learned how to make some basic Origami animals. Thank you, Kira Wallisch, for sharing an important message on confidence and a fun lesson on Origami!

Walk with Jesus

After learning about the miracle of Jesus walking on water, First Pres Kids made special paintings to remind them to stay focused on Jesus.

Bee Blessing & Tie-dye

First Pres Kids had a great time during the annual Bee Blessing & Honey Harvest this July.

It was perfect summer day for learning about bees, harvesting honey, and tie-dying t-shirts!

A Sweet Treat

On this beautiful summer day, First Pres Kids walked over to the Peace & Love Garden to pick ripe raspberries. Not only did they get to reap the benefits of their hard work, but they also got another glimpse into the beauty and miracles of God through nature.

Pops for Pop

In honor of Father’s Day, First Pres Kids gave out lollipops to all the men and boys during the 10:00 a.m. service.

Happy Father’s Day!

Watercolor Paintings with a Bible Message

This June, while learning about the importance of having confidence in God, First Pres Kids created beautiful watercolor paintings that revealed an important Bible verse – “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Phil 4:12

Thankful on Memorial Day

This May, First Pres Kids teamed up with the Mission Committee once again by making Memorial Day Cards for the Veterans of Chestnut Hill Rehab in Passaic, NJ. Thank you to all the those who bravely served and sacrificed for our country!

Peace & Love Garden

First Pres Kids are enjoying Spring! 

During Sunday School, they painted a new sign for the Peace & Love Garden, located at the church manse.

Patience Jars

To go along with our April theme of patience, First Pres Kids made patience jars in Sunday School. They learned that shaking these jars and thinking about God’s truth while the glitter settles can help them take a moment to slow down and practice patience when they feel rushed or impatient.

Happy Easter!

This Easter Sunday, First Pres Kids celebrated the resurrection of Jesus and new life for all. The children enjoyed our annual outdoor Easter egg hunt. It was a beautiful day full of smiling faces!

Easter Egg Dye & Decorate

It was a fun-filled afternoon of Easter tradition, as First Pres Kids came together on March 25th for an annual Easter egg dying and decorating event.

PEACE in Sunday School

Last week in Sunday School, we continued our theme of PEACE in Samuel 25:1-35. We learned about a wise, courageous, peacemaking woman named Abigail. When her husband, Nabal, picks a fight with David, she intervenes. Her quick actions promote peace between the two men, stopping the argument from escalating into something worse. Sometimes our outside perspective is what someone needs to see a peaceful solution. Look for opportunities to be a peacemaker. Help find peaceful solutions to the arguments you see around you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This February, First Pres Kids are learning about KINDNESS and Jesus’s golden rule to treat others the way we want to be treated. They put a lot of love into these special Valentine’s gifts for their family!

Souper Bowl of Caring

This February First Pres Kids put kindness into action by joining in on Souper Bowl of Caring, a national movement of young people fighting hunger and poverty. Souper bowl of Caring was created in 1990 when a group of young people, inspired by a Super Bowl Sunday prayer, wanted to do something more than celebrate a football game. Following worship service, First Pres Kids held soup bowls at the church doors to collect donations. Thank you to all who supported the youth of our church in this effort to “love our neighbors”!


This week in Sunday School, First Pres Kids learned that they can practice commitment through prayer. They learned that talking to God is an important way to grow their faith and that they can pray anytime, anywhere because God is always listening.

First Pres Kids baking Christmas cookies

This December, as we celebrate Christmas and learn about God’s greatest gift – Jesus, Sunday School has been focusing on the importance of generosity and the many ways one can give. First Pres Kids had a blast practicing generosity in the kitchen! We baked Christmas cookies for fellowship after worship service. Look at the creativity and love that went into these cookies!

Preparing the Gifts of Christmas

On Sunday, November 26th, First Pres Kids got into the Christmas spirit! While the Sanctuary and Chapel were being decorated, the children painted Christmas tree ornaments. Thank you, Ava Tryanowski, for sharing your musical talent and playing Christmas music on the piano.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This November, First Pres Kids learned about gratitude. They created beautiful decorations for the Church’s Thanksgiving Dinner for the needy to make it an extra special day of thankfulness for those who attend.

Thanking our veterans

As we learn about gratitude this November, First Pres Kids created handmade Thanksgiving cards for our veterans.  The mission committee will be delivering them to the Veteran’s of Chestnut Hill Rehab in Passaic, NJ. Thank you, veterans, for all you’ve done and continue to do for our country!

Money Jars

On Sunday, October 23rd, First Pres Kids painted and decorated their own money jars as we continued our theme of STEWARDSHIP and focused in on the importance of using our money wisely.

Harvest Fellowship

First Pres Kids put stewardship to practice by spending their Sunday School time in the kitchen baking apple and pumpkin pies for a special harvest fellowship following worship service on Sunday, October 8th. A big thanks to Lena Merrill for making this opportunity possible!  

Friendship Jello Challenge

First Pres Kids ended the September theme of FRIENDSHIP with a jello throwing challenge. We are all winners when we fill each other’s buckets and one of the best ways to do that is by reminding each other of God’s great love!

Sundae Social

Here’s the scoop…on Sunday, Sept. 17th, First Pres Kids welcomed in the new school year by creating their own ice cream sundaes.

Learning about forgiveness

First Pres Kids making edible pencils in Sunday School this September as we learn about forgiving friends – erasing their mistakes as Jesus has done for us.

Helping Hurricane Harvey Victims

This September, First Pres Kids were part of an awesome mission opportunity. The children helped to assemble cleaning kits to send to those affected by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Great job helping those in need, First Pres Kids!

Rockin’ Kindness

This August, First Pres Kids painted and decorated rocks with inspirational messages to take part in the Rockin’ Kindness Project, a movement started in South Bergen by ERA Justin Realty owner Jennifer Darby with the intention to inspire others by creating a moment of kindness though random inspirational rocks. To learn more about the movement, check out  

Learning about Uniqueness!

This July, First Pres Kids are learning about UNIQUENESS in Sunday School. A big thank you to Robert Goetzl for supporting our theme with an awesome children's message!

First Pres Kids getting Creative!

Wrapping up our June theme of CREATIVITY, First Pres Kids painted their own canvas masterpieces during SundaySchool. We even experimented with using some of God’s creations (apples, celery, Brussel sprouts) as tools to paint with!