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At First Presbyterian Church of Rutherford we are here to serve God and serve our community. We take this to heart as we offer activities and education that are enriching to Spirit, Mind, and Body. We love to sing and share in music. Our children love to play in our spacious gymnasium as the parents and grandparents visit and share in each others lives. We are heavily involved in giving to and caring for others as well as providing top-notch entertainment for the surrounding area. Our Labor Day involvement has been a hit in the neighborhood, and we love to meet the people we share our streets with. So, take a look at our events and consider attending or even volunteering. It takes all of our gifts and talents to celebrate oneness!  We can't wait to meet you or see you again. 

Upcoming Events

You are welcome to all events below.  Please see individual pages throughout our website for past events.  Thank you!

  • Hallelujah: The bible and handel's Messiah

    sundays, november 4 - november 25

    11:50 am - 12:50 pm

    The First Presbyterian Church of Rutherford will explore Hallelujah: The Bible and Handel's Messiah. The four-week program will cover the music of the advent season beginning Nov. 4 through Nov. 25We will explore some of the key Scripture passages about the Messiah. These passages have had a profound effect on the imagination and worship of Christians for two thousand years, leading George Frederic Handel to write one of the greatest expressions of worship and adoration―his oratorio, the Messiah. We hear parts of it sung every year during the Christmas season, but what many listeners fail to realize is that the entire text of Handel's Messiah is drawn from Scripture―and many of the Old Testament passages that shaped Israel's hope for their Redeemer are included in that text. We will be guided through Scripture passages used in Handel's work that highlight who Jesus is and what he came to do while listening to Handel's Messiah. It might change the way you listen to the Messiah. The study will take place directly across the street in the Karen Kaiser Parish House. The study is free and open to all but registration is required by calling 201-438-3569 so we can put a book aside for you.

  • Coffee with the pastor

    Tuesday, November 13

    Tuesday, December 11

    10:00am at Ara coffee shop

    7:30pm at Park tavern

    Pastor Rev. Pete Wilkinson welcomes all to sit down with him at the Ara Cafe on Ames Avenue at in Rutherford at 10:00 am and at The New Park Tavern in East Rutherford at 7:30pm. "I will be at a table or a booth enjoying the opportunity to meet and talk with anyone who would join me. I have no agenda for these gatherings. I simply want to make myself available. If you would like for me to meet you (and a friend) please come and join me," says Rev. Pete.

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